CharliXCX/Break The Rules

20 Aug

Sheesh CharliXCX just keeps getting more amazing…I just can’t with how much I love this little lady.  Boom Clap and all of True Romance are faves and now add Break The Rules to that mix! The new album Sucker drops this October.  But in the meantime just keep saying how you don’t want to go to school and want to break the rules and stream this CharliXCX damn fun perfection below:

The Rural Alberta Advantage/On The Rocks

20 Aug

The Rural Alberta Advantage‘s new album Mended With Gold drops 9/30.  Do yourself a huge solid and stream a stellar track from it On The Rocks below:


20 Aug

I’ve always enjoyed all the music TOPS has dropped up until this point but I’m pretty certain I can say Outside, their latest track off of the upcoming LP “Picture You Staring” (out 9/2) is my favorite.  It has this Berlin “Take Your Breath Away” vibe that is absolutely stunning.  Plain and simple do yourself a favor and stream Outside below:

Avec Sans/All Of Time

20 Aug

At this point I don’t even have to press play before I know I’m gonna fall majorly in love with a jam from Avec Sans.  And yeah this fact has been proven again with the brand new track All Of Time.  Stream and dance along to the gorgeous jammy jam below:

Young Summer/Classless Kids

19 Aug

I know it is easy to say oh Classless Kids, the great new track from Young Summer has a Lana Del Rey vibe.  And yes it does, but it is so much more and goes places that Lizzy’s jams never go.  Classless Kids is off of Young Summer‘s new album Siren which drops 8/26.  Stream the greatness below:

Interpol/Ancient Ways

19 Aug

Ancient Ways is yet another great jam from Interpol‘s new album El Pintor (out 9/9)…geez I need to hear this album in full like now!

Taylor Swift/Shake It Off

19 Aug

Gosh I love this vid and song.  Tay Tay’s new album 1989 drops 10/27.  Yeah I’m excited!


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