The Mustlist: HBO’s LOOKING

25 Jan

The Mustlist:  HBO's LOOKING

I have always been a big fan of HBO Sunday nights. I get suckered in with the greatest of ease and can you blame me? We’re talking about shows like Six Feet Under, John From Cincinnati (remember that weird one??), True Blood, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Flight Of The Conchords, Bored To Death, Game Of Thrones, Hello Ladies, GIRLS etc…Now the HBO Sunday night lineup might just be my favorite EVER with True Detective (if you’re not watching Matthew McConaughey continue to be the all right all right where the fuck has all this raw talent been actor of his generation well I highly recommend you do), GIRLS and LOOKING.  I know I know only one episode has aired but I was already hooked and extremely crushing (well I always am crushing on) Jonathan Groff. So yeah Entertainment Weekly I probably am being very vain here and thinking you were totally talking about me when you wrote this but yeah you were and you know me well. So well.  Is it Sunday night yet?


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