Maroon 5/Beacon Theatre

1 Feb

Maroon 5/Beacon Theatre


Maroon 5





Yes yes yes CONFESSION I do enjoy Maroon 5…and yes I on a whim a while back entered a contest to win tix to see Maroon 5 in some secret-ish intimate NYC show. Did I think I’d ever win? Duh of course not. Like who wins free tickets?  But oh I did win them and it was a fucking great show.  First off the Beacon Theatre never disappoints as a venue and Maroon 5 are just amazing live. I didn’t expect them to sound that good at all. And the set and encore only came out to be about an hour and fifteen minutes but it was all the hits I’d want to hear. She Will Be Loved, Sunday Morning, Harder To Breathe, Payphone, Love Somebody, Daylight, Moves Like Jagger, Stereo Hearts, One More Night etc! Adam Levine at one point had to ask a fan to put his PEOPLE’s “Sexiest Man Alive” issue away since he couldn’t really sign it mid-set plus it was freaking him out to be staring at himself while he performed haha. I probably have lost my cool kid status by how much I enjoyed this show but hey I don’t care at all.  No Shame.  And yes I totally was Hannah and Shoshanna roadtripping on GIRLS rocking out to Maroon 5 the entire time .  Great experience, stellar night!


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