DYC Fave New Music: Bombay Bicycle Club/So Long, See You Tomorrow

8 Feb

DYC Fave New Music:  Bombay Bicycle Club/So Long, See You Tomorrow

I absolutely adore Bombay Bicycle Club and loved their last album A Different Kind Of Fix. I would play album track Shuffle far too many times daily to admit haha.  Seriously I almost made my workout/running playlist just 45 minutes of Shuffle on repeat!  And I’m glad to say they have done it again. The brand new LP So Long, See You Tomorrow is pretty damn perfect. I will admit I get very nervous checking out what Pitchfork says regarding an album I’m loving. Not that they are the opinion that reigns supreme but sometimes it’s nice to see that they don’t really really hate something I am so digging. Recently that happened with Broken Bells “After The Disco.” How they gave it a 5.4 I still don’t get. But at least I can pretty much stand behind the 7.7 they gave So Long, See You Tomorrow. I totally would bump it up to like at least an 8.0 but the point is we agree that it’s a great album. I highly encourage a BBC listening party!

Recommended Tracks:  Carry Me, Luna, Home By Now

See them at Webster Hall May 8th!  My ticket has been purchased!  And in general folks, the month of May in NYC is gonna be ridiculous when it comes to concerts, ahem ahem:  The Knife, Chvrches, Bombay Bicycle Club and Haim.  Yeah I can already see I’m gonna be in a concert coma/a zombie at work in May and I wouldn’t have it any other way!  Totally the inspiration I need to help deal with this NYC winter weather lately haha!


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