DYC Say Goodbye To February Jams Of The Week

1 Mar

DYC Say Goodbye To February Jams Of The Week

dyc jams end of feb

She said, I don’t want a model.  I don’t want a movie star.  You don’t have to win the lotto.  I want you to win my heart.  Yeah, she said I just want someone true…”  Miguel‘s Simplethings (heard in the closing credits of last Sunday’s oh so excellent episode of GIRLS) is just one of the jams that needs to be highlighted that helped to end February in the best way possible.  Besides new music from Miguel, we got three great brand spanking new tracks from M83, Pia Mia, and Snow Patrol from the upcoming Divergent movie soundtrack.  M83‘s I Need You‘s sexy sax solo might just be as good or even better than the stellar one in Midnight City!  Gasp I said it.  I Need You not only had a sexy sax solo but also reminded me a lot of Bon Iver…and that wasn’t the only VERY Bon Iver-y track to drop this week.  Coldplay is back with new music and their jam Midnight is fucking amazing but definitely even a person only vaguely familiar with Bon Iver on a first listen might say to you “That’s that Bonny Bear guy right?”  That actually happened to me at work when I played the track at lunch for a friend.  We also got a new song from The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart that has this The Smiths going all happy and like loving rainbows and unicorns vibe and I adore it.  Cloud Nothings also dropped a hot new one from their upcoming album as did Broken Social Scene‘s Kevin Drew and RAC (which features oh yes Golden Globe winner and Edward Sharpe And The Magnetic Zero‘s very own Alexander Ebert). We also got a great remix like no other…yes I’m talking about Moby remixing Washed Out.  So go ahead, don’t find the urge and stream all of that delightful as fuck goodness below:


And seriously it must be mentioned that besides these new songs it was a great week in music in other ways with HAIM dropping an amazing video like no other for If I Could Change Your Mind, plus they stopped by BBC Radio 1 and covered Beyonce‘s “XO” like the brilliant sister band that they are.  Lykke Li gave us a great taste of her new album!  Sky Ferreira killed it with her performance of You’re Not The One on Jimmy Kimmel Live!  Paul Rudd lip sync battled with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show!  Fred Armisen is just proving to be duh even more amazing than was already known band lead-ing it for Late Night With Seth Meyers and oh yes it was announced that after Jim Parsons and BECK do SNL tonight, the March 8th host and musical guest are (and I’m pretty sure Lorne Michaels deserves to be given like the biggest hug for this) Lena Dunham and THE NATIONAL!

March you better bring it because February sure did.  Well March when I say bring it I mean not snow, no more of this, that blizzard on the way needs to like just not arrive!


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