DYC Fave Jams Of The Week

8 Mar

DYC Fave Jams Of The Week (March 3-7)

fave march music

I’m not sure about anyone else but for myself a first week in March that includes new music from Sharon Van Etten, Lykke Li and Coldplay is kind of the best thing ever.  And ooooh that new S Carey jam Crown The Pines…holy fuck it’s spectacular!  Oh and I can’t forget Harlem from that amazing duo out of San Fran Cathedrals!  Lowell and NONONO busted out great videos for their songs Palm Trees and Hungry Eyes!  So those had to make my weekly playlist!  The rest of March you have basically been told it’s on and you better bring it.  You can stream my fave jams of the week below:


In other pop culture/music news Future Islands made their incredible tv debut on Letterman and make it a priority to check out their new album Singles which drops March 25th.  It is out of this world brilliant.  Idina Mendzel after having her name completely botched by John Travolta at the Oscars sang Let It Go with The Roots and Jimmy Fallon and well classroom instruments.  I actually found out my name Travolta-ified would be “Madeleine Smarnold!”  I’m pretty excited about that haha.  Talk about excited, the use of that word doesn’t even do justice for how beyond stoked I am for tonight’s SNL with Lena Dunham and The National.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Lorne Michaels is basically like either reading my tweets, following my blog or maybe like Leonardo DiCaprio inception-ing me.  Ahhhhh can’t wait.  And if you missed it last night Broken Bells performed Holding On For Life on The Tonight Show.  It was damn glorious!

the national and lena

Here’s to more great jams, and pop culture perfection in March!


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