DYC New Skin Fave Jams

25 Apr

DYC New Skin Fave Jams

This past week I returned to my regular day job after a nice, relaxing, long 11 day vacation and thankfully the jams we got to obsess over helped me get over that ugh I have to be responsible again hump! I’m talking like Torres busting out a stellar jam called New Skin that I will never admit how many times I just left it on repeat over the last day or so haha! Royksopp and Robyn gave us a very amazing taste of their upcoming collab EP, the self-titled track Do It Again! Wye Oak‘s self-titled new LP track Shriek is definitely another winner from the Baltimore band! Ramona Lisa dropped another new track from the upcoming album Arcadia called Dominic that is oh so Caroline Polachek perfection! We also got great new jams from The Ting Tings, Devonte Hynes, Little Dragon and Tomas Barfod! Plus two new acts to keep an ear on this week are Philly’s Cheerleader and Singapore, yes Singapore’s Ernest. So what are you waiting for stream the delightful as fuck jams below:

Oooh and if I’m to recommend an album that came out this week it without a doubt would be Iggy Azalea‘s The New Classic!

Okay April it has been fun, let’s end on an even greater note and May you better bring it!


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