DYC Fave Future Husbands Past Lives Jams

10 May

DYC Fave Future Husbands Past Lives Jams

Well maybe it was because cinco de mayo was this week, maybe it wasn’t, but all I know is the music that dropped this past week was pretty fucking incredible.  Let’s start with what might be the three best solo projects happening right now:  Chrissie Hynde, Hamilton Leithauser and Morgan Kibby’s White Sea.  From Hamilton we got the stellar Alexandra b-side “In The Shallows,” “Future Husbands Past Lives,” from White Sea and Hynde shared another track “You Or No One” (I love “Dark Sunglasses” more but this one still hits the spot a whole damn lot) from her upcoming solo LP.  In other not solo project news, The Antlers shared “Hotel,” a great track from their new album “Familiars.”  Austra has a new EP “Habitat” coming out and the great title track dropped!  One of my favorite newer acts Say Lou Lou‘s phenomenal jam “Peppermint” hit the scene and Wild Cub for Mother’s Day covered CHVRCHES “The Mother We Share!”  Plus Allie X, Laura Jae and Spirit Animal made sure they needed to be included on my playlist by just delivering the goods!  So what are you waiting for, stream the delightful as fuck jams below:


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