HAIM/ Night 1 at Terminal 5

11 May

HAIM/ Night 1 at Terminal 5

Haim Term
Haim termn

Talk about sisterly perfection…make that perfection in general. I guess it shouldn’t be at this point too shocking that HAIM killed it their first of two nights at T5. Este during the set reminisced about the time in 2007 her and bff Ke$ha were at T5 to see MIA and both of them (neither one famous just yet ended up onstage with her). It is pretty amazing to think, cut to the present, 7 years later Este and all of HAIM were playing their very own sold out show the same damn night as MIA (who was at Webster Hall). Crazy! When it comes to HAIM’s show everything was a highlight, from the opening moments of Falling, If I Could Change Your Mind, Running If You call My Name, Forever, My Song 5, Don’t Save Me (with confetti to close out the set), etc and then to the encore with their stellar cover of Beyonce‘s “XO,” The Wire and Let Me Go (which had Danielle, Alana and Este drumming in sync). Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!! HAIM deserve every accolade on the planet for their live show and I just am so glad I was able to get a tik to this sold out pretty darn epic concert! Este wanted everyone shaking their titties and the crowd sure was! I didn’t succeed this time in becoming a member of HAIM but I am not giving up! Like can I go back and relive this experience like now…seriously let me go!!!!!!



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