Introducing: Johnny Delaware/Justin Howard/Phil West

7 Jun

Introducing:  Johnny Delaware/Justin Howard/Phil West
(pictured from left to right, Miles and Rusty of Shillelagh Tavern, Justin Howard, Johnny Delaware and Phil West)

justin H, Johnny and Phil 2  . jpg
justin H, Johnny and Phil 3 . jpg
johnny delaware
(Lucia and Johnny Delaware)

(from left to right Evelyn, Me, Rachel, Justin Howard, Johnny Delaware, Phil West and Lucia Garcia)

I go to a lot of concerts…I really do. And a lot of those concerts are the must see bands like CHVRCHES or HAIM or even most recenty I saw BANKS. But sometimes and it was proven last night that seeing three acts with no crazy buzz at all (just yet) but so much potential and fricking heart can lead to an unforgettable time as well! My night of live music began at Shillelagh Tavern (in Astoria). The lineup included talented Long Island singer/songwriter Justin Howard aka Owls For Olive opening along with another talented musician Phil West for up and coming I’m sure he’s gonna be huge Johnny Delaware.

First up was Phil West who is like a young Robert Zimmerman mixed with this charm on that stage that just works. All throughout the night it was like watching a family as him, Justin Howard and Johnny Delaware bantered and just rooted each other on in all three of their sets. West along with some great original tunes covered Zimmerman aka Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell and The Rolling Stones and just had so much fun up there on that stage!

After West it was Justin Howard’s turn and like West he covered a few songs like Jeff Buckley’s version of “Hallelujah,” John Legend’s “All Of Me,” Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Game” and Coldplay’s “Fix You.” Fix You wasn’t originally on the set list but Shillelagh’s very own Rusty just like the rest of us in the house were enjoying Justin so much that he was like do one more! And sure enough like a pro, there was no hesitation of what to do and Justin went and got his Chris Martin on!

Then came the headliner Johnny Delaware and within seconds I was like umm “Why isn’t he famous? Like why is this amazing song ‘Primitive Style’ that he’s playing (with his gorgeous and talented partner Lucia Garcia) on every blog out there right now!” Well I’m hoping I can help make that change because I was blown away by how natural and effortless it was for Delaware. He is one of those people you see where sure he’s super handsome and has this amazing style (although the pics above are deceiving, he did come to the show with his shirt buttoned all the way haha but with a little encouragement from the crowd he kept unbuttoning upon our request which was very appreciated!!!) but even if he wasn’t you’d hear him perform and would be instantly hooked and know you were in the presence of something so damn special. I’d compare the very humble and oh so brilliant Johnny Delaware from South Dakota to The Walkmen meets M Ward. I am still in awe because last night it felt like I along with the other people in attendance were getting in on this little secret about Johnny Delaware and are pretty much going to be able to say in what I imagine won’t be so far from now when he’s like playing Bowery Ballroom in NYC “I saw him headline this bar in Astoria and knew then I was watching a star.”

I hope with reading this and listening to a little playlist I made with some of Delaware, West and Howard’s tunes these charming, down to earth, talented men trying to make it in this super hard, competitive music world will. So if you like what you hear below please spread the love and hey if anything you’ll be able to brag in the future that you knew all of them before well everyone else! Also below is Johnny Delaware’s great video for Primitive Style:


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  1. Marsue Ross June 7, 2014 at 9:10 PM #

    Very nice!

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