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Road Trippin With A Little Help From My Friends

31 Jul

From today until Monday (so maybe I’ll be able to update the blog with music late Monday or well definitely Tuesday) I will be heading out to The Berkshires. I’m in need of a good little trip this Summer to get away from well Brooklyn for a bit and clear my head.  July has been pretty great, a few more downs than I anticipated but still overall a month I learned a lot about myself and when you’re approaching 31 in September well that’s a good thing.  So yeah this lil trip should do the trick to start my August off right! 

Just from my blog it probably is clear I can’t go anywhere without music so naturally some of my besties are tagging along.  I think you’ll understand why I’ll gladly accept their company on the ride there and back #ArcadeFire #TheNational #LCDSoundsystem #Spoon #ThePostalService #VampireWeekend #DavidBowie…have a great next few days everyone and yeah let’s all stay classy!  



Delta Spirit/Live On

31 Jul

Oh many am I getting the Bushwick Blues goosies over the latest Delta Spirit jam “Live On.”  It is from their upcoming album Into The Wide which drops 9/9.  Damn did I just get so excited for this LP.  Do yourself a favor and stream Live On below:

Watch Late Night With Seth Meyers Tonight!!!!!!

30 Jul

I was at today’s taping of LNSM and it was incredible.  The guests were Chris Pratt (he exceeded all my super high I love my Andy Dwyer expectations), Laverne Cox (OITNB) and Big Data and Joywave.  Big Data and Joywave performed Dangerous and then Joywave got to perform Tongues too.  Let’s just say you need to watch tonight!  Also Seth Meyers might just be the nicest human on the planet.  Always nice to realize that about someone you admire so much!

jj/dean & me

30 Jul

jj‘s album V drops August 19th.  I am just so pumped for it and part of that reason is the brand new jam off of it Dean & Me.  Stream the perfection below:

Fences ft Macklemore & Ryan Lewis/Arrows

29 Jul

Say what you will about Macklemore but I enjoy him.  I adore Ryan Lewis too.  And I love this collab with Fences so much.  Arrows is from the upcoming album Lesser Oceans which drops Oct 14th. Stream the greatness below:

Cymbals Eat Guitars/Warning

29 Jul

Warning is the latest jam from Cymbals Eat Guitars upcoming LP LOSE (out Aug 26th). Stream the goodness below:

Kate Boy/Self Control

29 Jul

It is funny Self Control is the latest jam for Kate Boy to grace our ears with.  I have had like no self control in waiting for new music from them.  Like seriously none at all.  And gosh I can’t wait for the debut LP to eventually drop.  I wish it was tomorrow but I will wait somewhat patiently since I know it will be amazing.  Okay enough of my gushing, stream Self Control below: