Road Trippin With A Little Help From My Friends

31 Jul

From today until Monday (so maybe I’ll be able to update the blog with music late Monday or well definitely Tuesday) I will be heading out to The Berkshires. I’m in need of a good little trip this Summer to get away from well Brooklyn for a bit and clear my head.  July has been pretty great, a few more downs than I anticipated but still overall a month I learned a lot about myself and when you’re approaching 31 in September well that’s a good thing.  So yeah this lil trip should do the trick to start my August off right! 

Just from my blog it probably is clear I can’t go anywhere without music so naturally some of my besties are tagging along.  I think you’ll understand why I’ll gladly accept their company on the ride there and back #ArcadeFire #TheNational #LCDSoundsystem #Spoon #ThePostalService #VampireWeekend #DavidBowie…have a great next few days everyone and yeah let’s all stay classy!  



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