DYC’s Fave GIRL! Jams Of The Week

23 Aug

Well I guess you know it is gonna be a glorious week of music in August when T Swift announces she has a new album dropping in October and busts out a new, ridiculously awesome (and terrible at the same time but so awesome haha) jam on the world.  Yeah I have been singing along to Shake It Off way too much…I admit it!  Besides new Tay Tay we got another great jam from Interpol‘s upcoming LP, and the same can be said about The Drums…they dropped I Can’t Pretend from the new LP Encyclopedia (I need this whole album blasting my ears off now, yep I do) on us. We also got a stellar anthem from terror pigeon!, and a brand new and oh so fun song “Break The Rules” from the wonderful Charli XCX!  Also on the playlist are new tracks from TOPS, Avec Sans, Caribou, The Rural Alberta Advantage, EVVY (her whole self-titled EP is worth checking out for sure), and Young Summer!  So what are you waiting for…definitely don’t wait for it to be September ha and stream the delightful as fuck playlist below:


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