Arcade Fire Night 3 in Brooklyn ft David Byrne

25 Aug











Well this has not been my first time at the rodeo with Arcade Fire…but holy shit it just might have been the best concert I’ve been to…well at least the best concert to date I’ve been to in 2014.  AF are just a band that know how to own an arena.  All of Barclays was on their feet for the 2 hour set.  I don’t think I’ve ever danced this much at a show at Barclays before…like ever.  From The Suburbs to Reflektor to Sprawl II to Ready To Start to Afterlife to Hey Orpheus to No Cars Go to My Body Is A Cage etc to David Byrne being night three’s special guest to cover Suicide‘s “Dream Baby Dream” to Wake Up to end the set I have never felt so alive at a show.  It was like being in some Arcade Fire cult and hey I’d like to be in this for life if I could always feel this way.  Win Butler, Regine and company proved why they are now more than ever one of the best if not best band in the business now.  They thanked Mr. Byrne for paving the way for them to make music and I thank AF for being a band I would spend any price to see in concert.  I joked before the show that maybe James Murphy would be the special guest and sure we did get a bit of “All My Friends” but if it wasn’t gonna be James out there like I couldn’t ask for a better person than David Byrne.  I think the fangirling I did when Win announced his name reached new levels for me ha.  I screamed oh I did.  I just honestly want to go back and relive this night over and over again.  But as Arcade Fire would have us know with Hey Orpheus it is never over.  And with Arcade Fire I never want it to be over!

David Byrne


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