DYC’s Fave Turn It Up Jams

6 Sep

dyc turn it up jams

Sure this post Labor Day week was tough, it is never easy going back to work after a long weekend and for me it was well a long amazing two months.  So yeah I am very glad four of my favorite bands decided to drop stellar jams from their I cannot wait for them to drop brand spanking new albums!  Let’s just say blasting these four songs every day made waking up soooo early and being a functional responsible adult somewhat easier ha!  

First off we got a second taste from STARS‘ new album No One Is Lost (out October 14th).  That new delicious taste is called Turn It Up.  And what do you know it is a back to school anthem and Amy and Torquil and kiddos singing make everything perfect in the world!  Next up Haerts dropped Giving Up which they have been performing live for a while now and oh my the studio version…epic!  Anything they do is that stellar. Their highly anticipated debut album drops this January!  The Drums new album Encyclopedia comes out this month, September 23rd and their latest Kiss Me Again off of it is ear candy goodness for sure!  Finally closing out this foursome is Happy Idiot from TV On The Radio. Their new LP SEEDS drops November 18th.

So really what are you waiting for, make your first week in September that much better by streaming this delightful as fuck playlist below:


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