DYC’s Fave Disorderly Jams

27 Sep

Well every now and then I miss a week of posting my fave jams.  It happens and I think I have a valid excuse for last week.  It was my 31st birthday and well I wanted my first fave jams post as #ThisIs31Danielle to be a great one and that meant waiting til this weekend to do it.

And it’s if BATHS among so many others knew this.  Disorderly is a hell of a track that I have had on repeat quite a lot.  Along with BATHS this playlist includes the latest from Zola Jesus (just wowwwww and seriously how amazing is the new LP TAIGA going to be, I need to hear it already), Elliphant (ft  ), Kele, Made In Heights, Night Terrors Of 1927 (ft Tegan and Sara), Fickle Friends, Jaymes Young, Ryan Hemsworth, a stellar RAC remix of Odesza‘s “Say My Name” and Terror Pigeon!  Oh and keep an ear on one of my new fave finds Cajsa Siik.

So what are you waiting for, get your stream on below:


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