DYC’s Fave Rock U Jams

11 Oct

Well October is proving to be one incredible month for weather (Go FALL!) and music!  Yes admittedly I am obsessed as I always tend to be when STARS has a new album on the way.  And YES I have been listening to NPR’s first listen stream of “No One Is Lost” all week.  I’m obsessed I admit that.  It is an incredible album, a stellar followup to The North.  I cannot wait to see them at Music Hall Of Williamsburg next month!

But having said all that I did still find time to get hooked on some other songs for this week’s playlist.  Kleerup dropped a hot new wait is that Stevie Nicks’ long lost lovechild track “Rock U” featuring Niki & The Dove!  Ex Cops continue to bust out the greatness with their new one “White Noise.”  Naomi Pilgrim and Tove Styrke dropped new jams that prove why they are definite up and comers to keep an ear on.  Jessie Ware and TV On The Radio both have new LPs on the way and they continue to just drop hottttttttt ones from those albums!  And last by least, more Swedes to become obsessed with.  I’m talking Swedish duo Vita Bergen who have won me over soooo damn easily with their new single “Curtains.”  So what are you waiting for, stream this week’s delightful as fuck playlist below:


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