DYC’s Fave Wildest Dreams Jams

1 Nov

Be the one fave jams

I kind of am like a kid in a candy store when a playlist of brand new jams include Haerts (ahhhhhhhhhhh finally the debut album is out), Chvrches, T-Swift (Recycle Culture wow wow wow with that remix), and Haim (thank you Calvin Harris so muchhhhhhh).  It is kind of like my wildest dreams (get it haha) to have all of them drop new tracks around the same time.  And seriously I know I thanked Calvin Harris already but SERIOUSLY to get a HAIM collab is just the perfect way to have me survive while I wait for them to drop new music to follow the stunner of a debut LP “Days Are Gone.”

Then throw into the mix newcomer VERITE (who definitely was a pleasure to see open for KATE BOY at CMJ) and All We Are covering Caribou‘s stellar song “Can’t Do Without You.”

Basically this week’s playlist compiles my faves from the second half of October.  So what are you waiting for, I’ve gushed and gushed, stream the delightful as fuck 6 track playlist below:


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