Paul Simon/ObviousChild

2 Jan

99% of the time I’m blogging about new music.  A song I stumbled upon from an up and coming musician or band or a new track from one of my faves.  Either way it is usually always brand spanking new material.

And on this second day of January of 2015 I will do just that and gush about this unknown.  Someone who definitely wasn’t Garfunkel’s other half.  He definitely hasn’t been on SNL a gazillion times.  He is definitely not a rock.  He is also not an island.  Okay I guess I’ve ruined the joke and gone too far already haha.  But my point is sometimes an older jam from one of the most talented people on the planet has to be gushed about randomly.  And maybe it’s not so random.  I was watching Jenny Slate in Gillian Robespierre’s stellar indie gem “Obvious Child.”  Seriously if you haven’t seen it, well change that ASAP.  It is pretty damn hilarious and full of heart and I mean who doesn’t want to watch Slate get dumped, lose her job, have Gabby Hoffman as her bff and basically get knocked up after a one night stand…and I don’t want to say anything else to spoil the amazingness because like you’re gonna watch it and find out what happens.  Anyways I can’t stop playing Simon’s Obvious Child now.  So hey Paul, let’s do this:


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