Men, Women And Children and BIBIO

4 Jan

Over my winter vacation (ugh I’m on my last hours of it) I saw a lot of movies, some amazing…Gone Girl, Obvious Child, This Is Where I Leave You, Begin Again, The Skeleton Twins, End Of Watch etc…some just ok…Happy Christmas, Divergent, The Fault In Our Stars…Some that I completely wasted my time on…Inherent Vice, If I Stay, Enemy, The Interview (still regretting that $5.99 I paid to stream it on Christmas Eve).

But if I was gonna end in a high note of my movie-cation I sure did it by watching Jason Reitman’s Men, Women & Children. It is brilliant and just a movie that grabs you and you’re thinking afterwards and the good kind of thinking.

Another great part of the movie is the score by BIBIO.  Like seriously Reitman is no stranger to great music in his films…ummm JUNO‘s soundtrack.  But wow BIBIO basically should score like every movie now. I  would be okay with that.  Without further ado just take a listen below to Bibio‘s Preen Your Own Wings before duh you obviously go and see the film:


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