REVIEW: Song One

24 Jan

Last Thursday I had the pleasure of getting to see an advanced screening of Song One starring Anne Hathaway and Johnny Flynn (who was there to do a Q and A after the film).  The short not giving away too much premise is:

Brother (an aspiring Williamsburg musician) is hit by a car leading to a coma.  Mother requests sister flies home from her anthropological pursuits in Morocco. Sister then looks through brother’s bedroom, goes through all his belongings, listens to his demos, and discovers her brother was a huge fan of a musician named James Forester (played by Flynn).  Sister uses all of this to try to help brother get out of the coma.  She begins to discover the man her brother has become, visiting all his fave haunts which means along the way she hits up Bowery Ballroom, Pete’s Candy Store and Glasslands (Dan Deacon, and Sharon Van Etten cameos of sorts which ummm I loved).  And yeah of course along the way there is a love story.  AND a brilliant soundtrack with phenomenal original songs courtesy of Jonathan Rice and Jenny Lewis!!!!  My fave scene probably is the one involving a little Dan Deacon, Glasslands, Hathaway and Flynn fierce dance moves and “Crystal Cat.”

Ok I will stop before I give too much away so do yourself a favor, SEE this movie (I give it three stars), and well in the meantime get a major amazing helping of what the soundtrack is all about by streaming Silver Song, Iris Instilled (which I am obsessed with) and Yellow Little Dress below:


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