DYC’s Fave Black Sun Jams

31 Jan

ron and lesSo over the last two weeks we’ve had really cold weather and what turned out to be a pretty disappointing blizzard (still bummed Louis CK had to cancel his MSG show, sigh) but we’ve had the return of amazing tv like Parks and Rec, and the new Sunday lineup on HBO (ummm Togetherness for all the awards),  and we’ve had some phenomenal jams hit the scene. Sure I could go on and on about Leslie and Ron being all buddy buddy again and Jonathan, Johnny Karate’s, serious older brother, or how much I adore every scene Amanda Peet and Steve Zissis are in on Togetherness but then I’d never get to the music.

And I need to get to the music.

We got a stellar new song “Black Sun” from oh yes Death Cab For Cutie‘s upcoming new LP Kintsugi! We also got new amazing tracks off of upcoming LPs from Operators, Lower Dens, Torres, and Lord Huron. And we even had stellar jams hitting the scene from St Vincent, Alex Winston, Tove Styrke, WALLA, Phoebe Ryan, SPC ECO, and Broken Back.

So with all that being said, I hope you find at least one new song to obsess over.  Stream the delightful as fuck playlist below:

And if you need a great new LP to blast your ears off with I highly recommend the latest from Belle and Sebastian “Girls in Peacetime Want to Dance!” Have a great Superbowl Sunday and here’s to a stellar February!


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