DYC’s Fave True Affection Jams

14 Feb

Sure it is Valentine’s Day and if you are like me music is your date for this holiday.  Well the treadmill is too but yeah let’s focus on Mr. Music.  This week he really was giving presents daily.  Like showering the world with chocolates and flowers and those little hearts that say “Be Mine” or well now have been modernized to fit in with the times to say like “Text Me” haha.

What exactly were these gifts Mr. Music gave this week?  Oh I’m talking about Father John Misty‘s new LP I Love You, Honeybear and well my favorite track off of it “True Affection.”  I’m obsessed!  A new album from Florence + The Machine out this June and a stellar single off of it called “What Kind Of Man.”  Avan Lava dropped a glorious new one “Leave It All Behind” as did Dan Deacon with “Learning To Relax.”  Braids‘ latest “Miniskirt” is utter perfection.  I repeat PERFECTION!

Chromatics, Lord Huron and This Is The Kit basically gifted us amazing tastes from their upcoming LPs.  And like Chromatics went even one step further to be like “Ummm we are gonna release a new track from the upcoming LP every week until it drops!”  Johan Agebjorn with the help of Sally Shapiro covered Electric Youth‘s “The Best Thing” in gorgeous fashion.  And rounding out the playlist are the latest tracks from Kid Wave and Swim Deep.  So yeah Mr. Music is a great Valentine.

If you need a Valentine or just want to find one song to obsess over this weekend, go ahead and stream this week’s delightful as fuck playlist below:


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