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Mt. Wolf ft Alexa Harley/VIII

31 Mar

Just wow is all I can say about Mt. Wolf‘s latest track “VIII!”  Mt. Wolf’s new Red EP comes out April 13th.  Have your pants delighted off by streaming VIII below:


Johnny Jewel ft Saoirse Ronan/Tell Me

31 Mar

Well I had no idea talented like no other Saoirse Ronan could also sing.  She has been amazing me since I saw her in Atonement years back and then Hanna…and Grand Budapest Hotel…but again I repeat who knew she could also sing like a badass popstar a la Lana Del Rey?  Wow I’m just loving this one and am so glad Ryan Gosling recruited Johnny Jewel to soundtrack his directorial debut Lost River.  So yes do yourself a favor and stream Tell Me ft the incredible vocals of Ms. Ronan below:

Tanlines/Invisible Ways

30 Mar

Stream Invisible Ways, the latest taste from Tanlines upcoming LP “Highlights” (out May 19th) below:

Memory Tapes/House On Fire

30 Mar

House On Fire is half of Memory Tapes‘ AA-side “Fallout”/”House On Fire” and it is eargasmic.  Stream the gloriousness below:


30 Mar

First The Game, and now Broken…seriously I just can’t with how much I’m in love with the duo known as Priest and can’t wait for their new album to drop.  Do yourself a favor and stream Broken below:

DYC Turns 2! Stream: DYC’s Fave Lead The Way Jams!

28 Mar

If you were to ask me right now what am I obsessed with?  Well it would be the new albums from Lower Dens and Death Cab For Cutie.  I have been streaming Escape From Evil and Kintsugi over at NPR’s First Listen like it’s my job.  Well my after work job.  I’m pretty sure both will be on my fave LP’s of 2015 list.  So yes I highly recommend both albums like no other. Seriously they are that great.  But among this whole I might need an intervention for my use of streaming rights on NPR is my blog’s anniversary.  It is now two years old and that’s a pretty big deal…well big deal to me.  And as I mentioned in the previous post I went as a lil present to myself and saw While We’re Young.  It was pretty damn great and a perfect way to celebrate DYC turning two.  I mean Ben Stiller/Noah Baumbach/James Murphy struck gold again.  Plus what can’t Naomi Watts do?  That’s a trick question because she can play any role and definitely a forty-something named Cornelia who is a bit lost (as is Stiller’s Josh)…and holy shit her hip hop dance moves, yeah they are epic.  I could watch her and Stiller do anything pretty much and J Murphy should score all movies as I’m sure is an idea no one will contest ha!

But onto the real business here and I’m all for more than one birthday party and one of my favorite things to post and write about since the birth of Dani Yrself Clean on WordPress has been my weekly fave jams.  And now that DYC is officially two years old well I’ve posted a lot of them.  This week’s playlist is special since it is on DYC’s birthday and has six acts on it that I’d love to see be huge by the next bday!  Wolf Alice and Torres have become two of my faves and am so glad they are a part of this playlist.  Sprinter the title track from Torres’ upcoming LP is what dreams are made of pretty much.  And Wolf Alice besides putting out this great b-side “I Saw You (In A Corridor)” announced their debut LP “My Love Is Cool” will be out in June! I really can’t wait!!!!  Also, making the cut are Girl Friend, Cajsa Siik, Broken Back and Vok!  I hope you find at least one new jam to obsess over and what are you waiting for, it’s a birthday party up in herrre, stream the delightful as fuck playlist below:

And because like how can I not include new music from Murphy…if it wasn’t for LCD Soundsystem‘s This Is Happening and my anthem Dance Yrself Clean and a few other things, not sure this blogging thing would have ever happened.  And I’m so glad this is happening!  So yeah We Used To Dance is amazing and enjoy that below:

DYC Turns 2! Off to see “While We’re Young”

28 Mar


James Murphy has been the inspiration for so many things in my life since 2010…one of them has been my blog and the name of it. And I have been dying to see Noah Baumbach’s “While We’re Young” (scored by Murphy) since I saw the trailer so many months back. So it made perfect sense to honor my blog’s bday with a lil Murphy/Baumbach action! Let’s do this!