DYC’s Fave Gold and Stone Jams

25 Apr

Spring isn’t sure if it wants to be in a serious relationship at all, maybe it is just in for a fling but the music that’s come out this month is in for long haul.  Totally is all having all these feelies and emotions etc.  And those feelies and emotions are so being felt as well.

For Record Store Day we got a gorgeous new track “As Far As I Could Get” from Florence + The Machine, Eternal Summers with their album title track proved the new LP “Gold And Stone” is one to be excited about, as is TorresSprinter…the latest track to hit the blogosphere from it “Cowboy Guilt” will make you feel guilty only if you don’t listen to it!  Wet‘s new single”Deadwater” is absolutely stunning, VERITE keeps proving why she is gonna be huge as did Aurora this week. Both of their latest jams “Colors” and “Running With The Wolves” are splendid!

So yeah I hope you find at least one new track you want to date seriously and all. Stream DYC’s Fave Gold and Stone Jams below:


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